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Garden fountains can add style and serenity to your garden.

A water feature can add beauty and serenity to your garden. When shopping for a fountain, be prepared to be overwhelmed. There are many types and styles available to you. These are the things that you should consider when shopping for a fountain.

First you should decide where the fountain will be placed in the garden. This is a critical decision. You should consider the distance to a water source and also consider the view. You want the fountain to be close enough to the electrical outlet to be plugged in without unsightly cords running through the garden, and if it runs directly from the water source, you want it close enough to the source, that you do not have to have hoses, or pipes cluttering the garden area. You also want the fountain to be easily seen from several angles, so choose your spot wisely.

The location of the fountain and the size of the garden will determine the size of the fountain. Garden fountains are available in a vast array of sizes from small one-foot fountains to fountains that are the size of birdbaths and therefore, one should have a size in mind before they go shopping. You do not want your fountain to overrun the foliage so choose a garden fountain that will blend in well with the garden and not stick out like a dead leaf.

You should also consider the style of the fountain that you want for your garden. Most of the time, you can add garden fountains that are made of concrete type material or glass. A glass fountain will look better in a floral garden that has an elegant feel, where a concrete type garden fountain would be more appropriate in a European type garden or a southwest type garden.