garden information

The essentials of garden design.

There are several kinds of gardens to choose from when you finally make the decision to plant. You might want to add color to the front of the yard that has always been simply green. Whatever your desire, you should take steps to plan the design of your garden before you begin. The first thing you should do is to think about where you want the garden. Do you prefer plants that grow in the shade or in the sunlight? Also important is how big or small you want the garden to be. If you are a beginner, it is best to find a small planting spot and create a small flowerbed that can be expanded at a later time. Besides, you will enjoy watching your garden grow each season.

After you have chosen the location of the garden it is wise to draw up some kind of plan. You can get beautiful garden advice from books in the library, employees at your local nursery, or on the Internet. You can even take the plan with you when you visit the nursery. In the plan you should consider the boundaries of the garden. Ask yourself what kind of edging do I want for the bed or garden? There are several choices like fencing, low bushes, or even decorative rocks. Whatever you choose, you will need to set some boundaries for your garden. Also in the plan you should think about what kind of flowers that you want. Do you like big and bold flowers, or a simpler budding flower, or maybe even no flowers at all. Greenery is a great choice for all gardens. If your garden is going to be a place that you spend a lot of time, you should also consider walkways and seating. You should also think about adding some decor to the garden to give it some flare.

When you visit the nursery, ask the attendant to help you choose flowers or plants that require little maintenance, or a lot of maintenance depending on the amount of time that you plan on spending in the garden. When you are choosing plants for the garden, be sure to consider the visual positioning of the plants. You would want to choose a larger plant, bush or shrub for a background plant if the garden is against the house, wall, or a tree. If the bed is isolated you will need to choose a bigger plant for the middle. In any case you should think about the fact that bigger pants can hide smaller ones and you will want to place the plants in a location to where they can be seen from multiple angles. Ask the attendant to help you choose plants that are right for you and happy planting.