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Strategies for choosing the best garden décor for your garden.

Strategically placed garden décor whether it is a fountain, a statue or furniture, can make all the difference in your garden landscaping. Ornaments can be anything from large rocks found in the woods near your home, or bought from a garden store, to pictures of your children. Statues placed among colorful flowering plants are a great way to dress up your garden. A new trend that is popular today are stakes that are placed in the garden with hooks attached where you can hang pictures of your children or loved ones. These garden ornaments are perfect for creating division in the garden or simply adding a touch of personal style.

You should consider the type of garden that you have when choosing décor. If you have a vegetable garden, you might want to add wooden décor to further the “veggie” theme. If you have elegant hanging pants with beautiful budding flowers, then a statue or marble piece might be a better choice for you. If your garden has a southwest feel with terracotta or cacti, you might consider décor with a more rustic look, like a deep colored ornament.

A fountain can add personality to any type of garden and they are relatively easy to maintain. You can make your own fountain with a fountain kit that can be purchased at a home and garden store, or buy one that is ready to be used. You can even use the desk type fountains that are popular today in a container garden.

What ever you decide on, garden décor can make all the difference in the look and style of your garden. Whether you have a big or small budget, the right garden décor can make your garden more attractive and a more pleasant place to be.