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Tips and techniques for having the perfect rose garden.

Roses are without a doubt some of the most beautiful and popular flowers that are planted. Everyone wants big colorful roses. These are tips and techniques for getting roses that your neighbors will envy.

  • Don't plant new roses where old roses have grown. They are susceptible to diseases and such that were left in the soil by the previous roses.
  • Pruning your roses is up for debate. Some believe that one should not prune the roses at all but it has been proven that it can shorten the life of the rose. You should prune heavily the first season and gradually decrease that amount of pruning that is done.
  • You should prune your roses in late January to mid-February.
  • The rose is not picky about it's home. The soil can be rocky or moist; it is a briar and can survive in most any soil. You should be sure that it has plenty of water; no plant can live without water.
  • You should provide something for the rose bushes to climb. Since they are naturally climbing plants, if they have nothing to climb, then the branches will become heavy and bend to the ground where they can be overridden with pests.
  • You should consult a rose book, a nursery or greenhouse to determine which roses will grow the best in your particular area. There are a lot of good books out there that give information about where each rose variety thrives the best.
  • When winter sets in you can enjoy your roses throughout the cold months by preserving them in wax, having them freeze dried, dipped in silicone or using a traditional method of drying. If you decide to preserve your roses, you should be sure that they are free on pesticides and bug larvae.

Have fun and happy planting!