garden information

Find easy to grow herbs to grow in your own herb garden.

Herbs have a multitude of uses and they are very easy to grow. You may have noticed the increasing popularity of the fragrant herb lavender in bath soaps and body sprays and the herbal teas that can cure most any ailment, however they can be very expensive. You can save money and gain a sense of pride by growing your own herbs.

There are only a few things that you should know when planting herbs. You should have soil that provides good drainage and it should be primarily alkaline. Lastly, most all herbs need a good amount of sunlight each day (about 4 hours).

These tips will also be useful when growing herbs in your garden.

  • To protect the roots of the plant, mulch during the summer when the temperature is relatively high.
  • Herbs that are perennials should be mulched in the fall to prevent freezing and thawing during the winter months.
  • Mint, thyme, sage, and chive are some of the most common and easiest herbs to grow. If you are a beginner, try these first.
  • Most herbs can be purchased in seed form from catalogs but if you prefer, you can purchase herbs from a nursery in convenient transplant form.
  • A fun herb to grow is catnip and your cat is sure to appreciate the fact that he/she was thought of.

Herbs can add a touch of spice to any garden. They are useful as well as beautiful. After you have harvested the herbs from your garden, be sure to try new recipes that incorporate the herbs that you have grown. You can try growing dill, which is a nice addition to salad dressing or fish dishes, or you can try anise, which add a new twist to desserts like cookies and cakes.