garden information

Design ideas and advice for flower gardens.

In most areas, May and June is the best time to plant. You should choose the design of your flower garden and the location and then decide what flowers that you would like to plant. You should choose a location in the yard that receives at least five hours of sunlight each day. You should think about how large you want the flower garden to be. If you are a beginner, you should probably start small and expand the garden each year.

After you have chosen the location and size of the flower garden you can begin the fun part; choosing the flowers. There are so many to choose from! You can search online for a flower shop. This is an easy way to buy bulbs, seeds, or plants for the comfort of your home. You could spend the entire day at a nursery or greenhouse just browsing and choosing plants for your new flower garden. You could choose to start your flower garden from seeds. In this case, you can buy seeds at a retail store or a catalog. Catalogs are among the most popular way to shop for seeds since you can do it from home and see pictures of the plant that is produced.

Once you have the flowers chosen for the garden it is time to begin the hard part. You should prepare the soil by digging and tilling it until you have removed all the grass and weeds. Then you should add a fertilizer or mulch to enhance the quality of the soil, making it the perfect home for your new plants. After the soil is ready you should dig a hole for the plants. The depth and space between the plants will depend on the plant. Bulbs for example should be planted deeper than plants that have already began sprouting. You should read the information that came with the plant. If this is not available, you can ask the attendant at the store in which you purchased the plant.

Lastly, after all the plants are in the ground, the hard part is over and you can simply sit back and relax but only for a moment! You must maintain the garden by pruning and weeding on a regular basis. You should also water your plants daily and add insecticide and plant food as needed.