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High power garden tractors that are available with a variety of useful attachments.

Garden tractors are designed for all general lawn and garden work. Garden tractors are perfect for lawns or gardens that more than one third of an acre. The difference between a garden tractor and a riding mower is that garden tractors generally have larger tires and they have more power. They are available with a variety of attachments like a plow, snow throwers, sweeper and a dozer blade. Usually the garden tractor is sold with a mower deck, but is optional and can be removed. You should consider several things when deciding on the garden tractor that is right for you.

The engine is one of the most important factors that determine which garden tractor to purchase. You should consider the cylinders of the engine. Single cylinder engines are generally less expensive and have less power. If you need more power and desire a smoother ride, you should consider a multi-cylinder engine.

The type of fuel that the garden tractor uses is another important factor. Some garden tractors run on gasoline. The gasoline engines have spark plugs while diesel engines do not. A diesel engine is more expensive, heavier and louder than gasoline engines, but last much longer and diesel can be purchased without ax in most cases, which makes it less expensive. Diesel is safer to work with since it is nonexplosive, but it also requires that you keep the fuel very clean, and therefore it is not recommended that it be stored with other fuels.

The transmission will be another consideration when selecting a garden tractor. A belt transmission is the least expensive and is the simplest to use. They are generally used on the smallest of the garden tractors. The gear transmission resembles the transmission used in your car. It usually consists of three to four speeds, and a reverse. They are controlled by a lever and clutch that is depressed before shifting. These are a bit more expensive, but provide a larger range of speed. The hydrostatic transmission can give the driver the most speed control, however, they are also the most expensive. They will also use more fuel than other transmissions. They require a more powerful engine and more maintenance. They make turning and maneuvering the garden tractor much easier and they are easier to run, using only a foot pedal to forward and one for reverse. Many offer cruise control as well.