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Essential garden tools every gardener must have.

There are a multitude of tools that are available to buy, however, there are only a few essential tools that every gardener needs to have readily available.

Hand shears are a must for every gardener. They are used primarily for pruning and trimming up unwanted branches and limbs from small plants. There are a few different kinds of hand shears, the kind you need depends on the job. Bypass shears work like scissors with the blades bypassing each other and are used for cutting through soft stems and small branches less than one half inch in diameter. Anvil shears are more like a knife on a cutting board as the blade is pressed into a flat surface. They are best if used with larger branches up to an inch in diameter.

Loppers are also used for cutting branches that are up to one inch in diameter. They are sometime more helpful since the handles are longer and they tend to be easier to use and can reach higher than hand shears.

Pole pruners are simply lopper shears that are on a long pole that is used to reach tall branches in a tree. A cord that the user pulls controls the blade.

Pruning saws have teeth that are set at an angle and they have curved blade to cut on the pull stroke while you use your body weight to stabilize your cutting hand. These are great tools because most of them fold up for easy storage.

Other tools that are essential to all gardeners are a small and large shovel, gloves, a wheelbarrow and a hand rake. If you have arthritis or other problems with your hands, keep an eye out for ergonomic garden tools which will allow you to do work in your garden without the pain and discomfort you may normally experience. If you have these tools on board, you are sure to be able to get even the biggest job done.