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Garden tillers get the job done more efficiently and save you time.

A garden tiller can be a useful tool that will save you ample time in the garden. When I first began gardening, I didn't even know that there was such a thing as a tiller. When I found out, I hit my husband hard. He had known all this time and watched and listened to me ache and hurt from turning the earth and pulling weeds. When I went to buy a tiller I discovered a lot that I didn't know about them. Before you begin shopping for a tiller you should consider several things.

FYI: A tine is the blade or blades used to break up the dirt. When I went shopping for my tiller and the man said tine. I shook my head as if I knew. Now you know!

Decide what size garden tiller that you need. There a many models out there, ranging from hand held tillers to those weighing in excess of 500 pounds. For small vegetable or flower gardens you might want to go with a small tiller with a two cycles engine. They use a star shaped blade instead of the typical separated tines. These are small and can get into tight areas like in between plants. If your garden is bigger you can choose a tiller with more horsepower and that dig much deeper. These larger tillers are much more expensive and are for large gardens.

You also need to decide whether you want to the tines in the front or the back. The rear tines are usually found on the larger models and have powered wheels while the front tines are usually found on the smaller tillers and the wheels are not powered. The disadvantage of the having the tines in the front is that you are required to walk behind the tiller, which leaves you standing on the freshly tilled dirt. When using a rear tine tiller you can usually walk beside the tiller so that you will stay out of the dirt. The rear tine tiller is easier to maneuver and has more depth control than the front tine tiller.

You should also notice the direction in which the tines turn on the tiller. Those that move opposite the direction of the tiller are not safe for use except on a tractor. When the tine get stuck on an object tin the ground it is likely to jump. You want the tiller to jump forward and away from you rather than in reverse and towards you.

When taking all these things into consideration, you should be able to make an informed decision about which tiller is right for you.