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Garden Sheds Shelving and labels for keeping garden sheds neat and tidy.

Organizing your garden shed can be a daunting task and for the most part, will stay just that, since most of us never get around to doing it. But if you really set your mind to it you can not only finish the job, but also keep it neat and organized.

Create shelving:

You need a place to put things. Simple, not beautiful, shelving can be a great addition to the garden shed and make a neat place to set the large items like pots and other large items. Shelving can be useful for more than one might initially think. A handy man can use a power screwdriver to screw lids to peanut butter or other jars into the bottom of the shelf and then they too can be used for storage when you put screws and other commonly misplaced small items in the jar and twist the lid back on. They will be easy to find since you can see through the jar. Shelves are also a great place to hang hooks and nails for easy storage of things like clippers and smaller hand tools that sometimes get misplaced on shelves.

Label, label, label!

Label everything so that you don’t forget where you stored things. This is especially important with seeds that may have been opened or mixed. Label tubs and storage containers to save time and for easy access. You can purchase a labeling machine for about twenty dollars at a retail store or you can make the labels yourself, but whichever you decide make sure that you label!

Don't be afraid to throw things away!

If you don't use something for a while throw it away. Set a time limit; if you don’t use it in that time limit, say two years, get rid of it. Things that sit around being unused are clutter.

You will have sence of accomplishment and you are sure to appreciate the added space and ease of access to your tools after you complete this project. Besides, what else are you going to do to fill your gardening time this winter?