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Produce show-stopping flowers with high quality garden seeds.

Before the flowers bloom into a fragrant garden that you adore, they are seeds. Planting flowers from seeds requires a little more work, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run and produce show-stopping flowers!

To begin you should choose a good quality potting soil. It may be easier to fill a tub of some sort rather than using individual planting pots but be sure that you drill in some drainage holes. Fill the tub with the potting soil and moisten it a little with warm water; you do not want the soil to be soggy.

Plant the seeds about twice the depth of the seed itself. You should compress the soil around the seed firmly, but not so tight that the oxygen cannot get to the seed. Place the seeds about a half to one inch apart. You should immediately water the seeds, again, with warm water until the water begins to leak from the drainage holes. It is very important to keep the seeds moist. If they dry out at all they will not germinate. It might be a good idea to wrap the bottom of the container with plastic if possible. It is equally important to be sure that there is not too much water. Too much water will cause the seeds to rot. You should keep the seeds planted in warm steamy environment. The bathroom is a great place since the steam from the shower makes a nice environment for the seeds. As soon as the seeds emerge, you should remove any plastic.

Some seeds may need to be soaked overnight to help them along in the process. Others may need to be placed in a refrigerator to imitate a cold, winter like environment. Some may even require a hot box to keep the soil at a high temperature. Read the instructions on the seed package, r as your local greenhouse if your seeds will require a special growing environment.