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Make your flowers shine and sparkle throughout the evening with proper garden lighting.

Well-placed lighting in your garden can make your garden glow in the evening hours. It will as beautiful, if not more beautiful in the dark than at noon.

The right lighting is important. Be sure that when you purchase garden lighting that you are buying lights that are specifically designed for outdoor and garden use. The garden lights are sure to come I contact with water daily and should be able to stand up to the moisture and heat.

Choosing plants that will accent your lighting is a major contributor to the success of your glowing garden. You should choose plants that have a silver tone leaf. These tend to simply sparkle in the light. Also, pastel colored flowers that are grouped together tend to make a lovely addition to the night garden. When choosing these flowers make sure to ask if the blooms stay open at night, since that is when the lighting will be used.

Some favorite plants that will glow in the garden are: Silvermound has a lacey type, shiny foliage that makes a great addition to any lighted garden. Silver King is sometimes looked down on since it tends to form runners that take over a garden, but it is among the most beautiful in a well-lit garden. The powis castle appears to actually glow in the dark, but usually has a hard time in the spring and then comes alive in the late summer months. Russian sage is a great choice, since it is extraordinary in the day or night. It blooms with bluish purplish flowers that almost mist over the plant and silvery leaves that sparkle at night. Lambs ears are a good choice for the glowing garden since they are easily seen at night and they make great second border plants.

These tips should help you to choose lighting and appropriate flowers for your garden that will shine and sparkle throughout the evening!